Who Did The First Double Backflip On A Dirt Bike

Many of you may be wondering who did the first double backflip on a dirt bike. Well, the answer is none other than Tommy Clark. He was 18 years old and had been doing some dirt bike competitions in the Southern United States. One day, he decided to do what all the best riders do, and that was to try his hand at doing what is called a backflip. In doing so, he set the record for the fastest double flop in the history of dirt bike riding.

Now, what is so amazing about this story? The first time he attempted it, he ended up doing it in about fifteen steps. While he was doing this, something happened. His dirt bike would not move at all, even when he attempted to lift it over his head!

So who did the first double backflip on a dirt bike? It was actually an Olympic bronze medalist. The man who did it was Kev Dyball.

What did he do in order to do such an incredible stunt? Well, he obviously did not have a lot of training. He was just running around and trying to learn how to do the backflips when he saw that a fellow rider had already done what he wanted to. He then told his friend about what he had tried to do and asked if he could try it. To his surprise, his friend agreed to let him try.

Now, this is the part where I start thinking that maybe it is not so much about who did the first double backflip on a dirt bike. It is more like who got there first! This was a rather amateurish attempt, but still, to his credit he was able to get it onto the board and do something with it. It might not have been the greatest trick he ever did, but it was certainly something that hopefully others will be able to duplicate as well. That is all that matters really at the end of the day.

What was impressive to me though was how much effort he put into getting it onto the dirt bike. It is very impressive to see somebody get onto a bike and do what is known as a “hard somersault”. You know, where you basically balance yourself with your arms and legs on each side of the bike, and your body stays perfectly still. He did this about ten or fifteen times and then did what is known as a “snake kick” which is a sort of kick where you put one foot out in the air and come down with the other. That is something that a lot of pro riders would likely never have done, but hey, it is just a stunt guy.

After doing what seemed like an incredible stunt, he then did what I consider to be the first real quad kick. This is where he does what is known as a “wiggle kick”. Basically what is happening is that he kicks his legs back and his whole body ends up moving in some sort of weird motion. I have never seen anybody do such a thing, but I’m assuming that he did.

After doing all of this, after I had watched him doing it and also saw him do some other things, I think that it is pretty clear to see that whoever is responsible for the first double backflip on a dirt bike was indeed a pro rider. I know that when I am watching pro riders it is always pretty impressive to see what they can do, but to see someone who can do that, well, it kind of makes you wonder. So, who did the first double backflip on a dirt bike? You find out soon, as it will be one of my favorite stories of 2020.

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